A Guide to the Eight World Cup Stadiums in Qatar

Qatar will host the upcoming FIFA World Cup this year, and the prestigious event needed years of thorough planning and successful execution. Currently, all eight of the stadiums that will be used in the event are almost complete.

The latest version of the World Cup is a highly anticipated soccer event and there are a lot of reasons why this one is the most special yet. In fact, this is the first time the event will be hosted by an Arab country and it is also the first time it will be held in winter months.

Here are the eight stadiums that have been built since the nation’s hosting duty was announced. If you are planning to go, here is your guide to the stadiums in Qatar Games.

Al Thumama Stadium

One of the interesting infrastructures in Qatar is the Al Thumama Stadium. It was unique because the shape of the stadium is inspired by the traditional headdress of Muslim males in the Gulf called Ghafiya. It also bears patterns typically found on the accessory.

The structure is known for being eco-friendly, as it was surrounded by greens and it utilizes recycled water to be sprinkled to the plants.

Al Janoub Stadium

In 2013, Zaha Hadid Architects built the stadium in the old area which many considered as a heritage site. Inspired by the area’s fishing and pearl diving history, the stadium is designed resembling a dhow boat.

Al Bayt Stadium

The infrastructure is built to house 60,000 fans and it will be utilized in the opening ceremonies of the event. Inspired by nomadic tents, it is an ode to the rich history and tradition of the host country. This tent has a modular design and it is set to be removed after the games are over.

Ahmad bin Ali Stadium

Designed by BDP Pattern, AECOM and Ramboll, the structure has a seating capacity of 40,000. The stadium was used in the finals of Amir Cup back in December 2020. The undulating patterns surrounding the stadium represent the varying aspects of the Qatari culture like the essence of the family, the desert and the native treasures of the country.

Education City Stadium

Built within the Education City, the name of the arena is fitting as the structure is surrounded by academic facilities. It has an exterior with angular designs that changes its color during the day.

Stadium 974

Known for its ultra-modern facilities, the Stadium 974 features a name that is inspired by the dialing code of Qatar. The stadium was known for its creative and futuristic design, it has a very avant-garde structure. 

Being the most portable stadium on the list, the shipping containers that were used on this infrastructure are set to be dismantled after the World Cup 2022. Then, the shipping containers will be repurposed to aid the local community.

Khalifa International Stadium

Established in 1976 at Al Rayyan, the Khalifa International Stadium is the oldest infrastructure on this list. The structure has been used in many football tournaments such as the AFC Asian Cup, the Asian Games, and the Arabian Gulf Cup.

Lusail Stadium

Designed by Foster + Partners and Populous, the arena is regarded as the largest infrastructure in this list, having the seating capacity of 80,000. Built in the modern city of Lusail, the structure is specifically constructed for the World Cup 2022.

The stadium is set to host the final match of the World Cup, and after the event, the structure will be repurposed as a community hub with hospitals and restaurants. 

Final Thoughts

Ever since the hosting privileges were granted to Qatar, the Arab nation has been eager in building the best structures that they can to accommodate the fans. If you are planning to attend, make sure that you take note of what you learned from here.

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