Elite Cash Game Exploits Aims to Help Poker Players Win Big

Game-theory optimal (GTO) strategies dominate most modern-day poker training content. The advent of advanced poker solver technology led to a poker landscape where many top players aim to replicate the complex strategies outputted by solvers, and get as close to playing a true GTO strategy as possible.

Cash-game crusher Uri Peleg advocates using solvers in a different way, however. While perfect GTO play is impossible for any human to duplicate, Peleg uses a solver’s GTO solutions to craft a style designed to maximally exploit his opponents.

Upswing Poker’s newest course brings Peleg’s exploitative mastery to players of all skill levels.  “Elite Cash Game Exploits with Uri Peleg” focuses exclusively on exploitative play, a style Peleg employs to beat some of the toughest high-stakes poker games in the world.

Solver-Based Exploitative Play

While solver outputs give unexploitable strategies, Peleg puts solver technology to work by using GTO solutions as a baseline, then diverting from that baseline based on opponents’ tendencies.

“I actually didn’t want to start using solvers when they came out,” Peleg says. “Because I was doing well without them, and I don’t really like complicated computer programs. What happened to me when I started looking through solvers was I saw how a solver would play a spot, and it seemed completely ridiculous. I thought it was a really stupid way to play.”

“So I used the node-lock function; I was like stupid solver, you should use my strategy and not your stupid thing. When you node lock in a solver you get to see how it would adjust to the strategy you’re locking.”

“So I saw how the solver adjusted, and my jaw hit the floor. I was shocked how cleanly and easily you could crush my strategy.”

Peleg’s breakthrough using solver work led to a complete overhaul of his approach to poker. He immediately started implementing the solver’s reaction to his old strategies and has used that method to stay atop the high-stakes poker economy.

What You Get With Elite Cash Game Exploits

Elite Cash Game Exploits features 25 hours of instructions, based on thousands of hours of Peleg’s play at the table, and solver analysis away from the table. The standalone course includes:

Exploitative Poker 101 – Peleg introduces his exploitative poker approach. The first section of the course covers multiway pots, hard vs. soft exploits, and more.

Preflop – Peleg’s advanced exploitative method to late-position stealing, as well as 3-betting and 4-betting strategy.

Postflop – The Elite Cash Game Exploits postflop module covers bet sizes, continuation-betting strategy, adjustments against different player types, and much more.

Play & Exploits – Hours of Peleg playing the world’s toughest online games, and explaining his thought process with each hand.

Bonus #1: Late Position Steal App ($199 value) – The Late Position Steal App crafts custom late-position preflop ranges based on opponent tendencies.


Bonus #2: Advanced Preflop Ranges ($299 value) – Access to 539 preflop range charts, personally developed and used by Peleg.

Price: $999 – You can purchase lifetime access to the Elite Cash Game Exploits Course, including the Late Position Steal App and the Advanced Preflop Ranges. for a one-time fee of $999.

About Upswing Poker

Doug Polk and Ryan Fee, two of poker’s most successful players, launched the Upswing Poker training site in 2016. Since then, Upswing Poker has evolved into the industry’s most comprehensive online poker education academy.

Peleg adds to an elite collection of poker coaches at Upswing Poker, including high-roller tournament crusher Nick Petrangelo, Pot-Limit Omaha specialist Dylan Weisman, Gary “GazzyB123” Blackwood, Ryan “PokerWithRiske” Riske, and several other top-class poker pros.

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