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Some Famous Casino Superstitions That We All Need to Know

It is normal for gamblers to believe in rituals that can bring them luck while playing. However, do you know that there are certain superstitions that people still believe while playing 카지노 games? Might be because of some uncertainties that happened in their life, which makes them turn to these rituals and family routine.

So let us look at some superstitions that people feel can bring them good or bad luck.

  • In western culture, just like 13 are considered unlucky, for Chinese 4 is said to be unlucky as it sounds like “death” to them. Similarly, the mention of the word book on the table is unwelcomed as it says to bring bad luck. While the number 8 brings prosperity.
  • Just like crossing your fingers bring you good luck, crossing your leg while betting is considered bad luck
  • Another thing is to never count your money on the table. It is considered to be extremely bad.
  • You should never enter the casino through the front door as you will come in contact with people leaving the casino and their bad luck will rub off.
  • Itchy hands are considered to be good luck.
  • Lending money to others is considered unlucky where you were supposed to gain money rather than lend it
  • Whistling at the table is considered unlucky and is annoying to the fellow mates
  • It is said that blowing on the dice before you play is considered good luck
  • Wearing red at the casino is considered lucky as they say it gets wealth, prosperity and joy.
  • Lucky charms are some things or people whom gamblers carry with them while playing. Because they feel that this lucky charm had made them win the game last time and it needs to be with them even now.
  • Some people do not even change their position during the entire game thinking that this will change their luck.

Gambling is a very interesting game. You can try these superstition tricks not only for land-based games, but also for online games like 우리카지노.

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