Sophie Devine: The Great Kiwi

Sophie Devine is a sportswoman from the country of New Zealand who has competed for her nation at the highest levels of cricket and field hockey (with the Black Sticks Women) at the international level (the White Ferns).

According to today international match cricket, her principal focus as of late has been on the sport of cricket. Even though she does not have a cape or a mask, she is still considered a Batgirl in the 21st century. This is even though she does not wear a helmet.

  • Early life –

Devine was born on the first of September in the year 1989 at the Kenepuru Hospital in Porirua, which is situated in the region of New Zealand known as New Zealand. His formative years were spent at Tawa, which is situated in the upper region of Wellington in New Zealand. Her official education was provided by Greenacres School as well as by Tawa College, both of which are located in the state of New Zealand.

She started playing competitive sports at the age of four when she participated in cricket and hockey, which sparked an early interest in her role in athletic competition. She had already started playing in competitive cricket matches by the time she was five years old. Her ambition throughout her whole life was to represent her nation in sports competitions at the very best level.

She played on the boy’s cricket and hockey teams during her whole career in high school and college. These sports were her passions. She was the player at the end of her last year at Tawa College who concluded the season with the greatest overall number of wickets, and she received an award in recognition of her accomplishment. She had already played in her first first-class cricket match by the time she was only 14 years old, and she was a senior member of the women’s hockey team when she was just 14 years old. Even though she was only 14 years old at the time, she was allowed to try out for the Wellington Blaze. She finished her secondary education at Rangi Ruru Girls’ School, and after that, she continued her education at the University of Canterbury, where she earned a Bachelor of Arts degree with a sociology concentration.

She had only turned 17 years old when she was picked to play for the White Ferns in 2006, making her one of the youngest players in the history of the club. She is considered to be one of the most successful players in the team’s history. Because of this, she was one of the youngest players in the history of the squad to be picked. New Zealand Cricket offered her a substantial deal in August 2018, and she accepted it. She was given the honor of representing New Zealand in the 2018 ICC Women’s World Twenty20, which was held in the West Indies in October of the same year. She has been an essential part of the New Zealand women’s cricket squad for many years, contributing both with the bat and the ball.

  • Career and Stats –

Sophie Devine is one of the New Zealand women’s national cricket team’s youngest players. She joined the squad when she was just 17 years old, which makes her one of the youngest players in the team’s long and famous history. During her professional career, she has participated in a total of one hundred one-day international matches.

Sophie Devine, who represents New Zealand in one-day internationals, has scored a total of 2510 runs throughout 102 games, with a best score of 145. Her total number of runs scored is 102. At this point, she is now scoring an average of 32.2% of the time and hitting 83.5% of the time. She has lived through five whole centuries and has lived through twelve full ones during her existence. Her overall career tally is 69 wickets, and her average number of runs allowed per wicket is 4.33. She had her best bowling performance when she took three wickets while only conceding 24 runs. Her performance was outstanding.

In Twenty20 Internationals, Devine has also had a fruitful career, with 1955 runs for New Zealand at an average of 27.9 with a maximum score of 73 in his career. In total, he has a career-best score of 73. In the condensed version of the game, she finished with a success rate of 125.2 percent. She has taken 80 wickets in Twenty20 Internationals while keeping her economy rate at 6.14. This is an impressive feat. During her most successful innings, she was able to capture four wickets while only allowing 22 runs to be scored against her.

  • Achievements –

Since the year 2017, she has been a part of the Women’s Twenty20 International Team of the Year, which is selected by the International Cricket Council.

On July 11, 2015, when Devine scored 50 runs in 20 overs (from 18 balls), he established a new record for the most runs ever achieved in a shorter period than has ever been done before. After that, he scored 70 runs in 22 overs, which set a new record for the most runs scored in the shortest amount of time (from 22 balls).

During a Women’s One-Day International match, Devine hammered nine sixes, which is the highest possible total that can be accomplished, writing her name into the annals of cricketing history. She competed in the Women’s Cricket World Cup in 2017, when she reached this milestone while playing Pakistan. In 2017, she was a participant.

In addition, Devine has represented New Zealand in hockey competitions as a member of the country’s national team, which is referred to as the Black Sticks.

She will be playing for the Adelaide Strikers, one of the clubs that will be competing in the Women’s Big Bash League during the 2018–2019 season. The Adelaide Strikers are one of the clubs that will be competing.

At the New Zealand Cricket Awards that took place this year, she was recognized as the ANZ International Women’s T20 Player of the Year.

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