Symbols in various Pg Slot games must be known before playing.

PG SLOT Game Today we are going to introduce to you the important things about the buttons in pgslot game that you need to know before playing the game in order to help you play the game correctly and lead to endless wins. You want to know what buttons are there, if ready let’s see. 50 free credits.

Buttons in PG SLOT games that you must know before playing slot games

  1. Auto Spin button

This button is a button that can be seen next to the Spin button, that is, the button used for setting up playing by setting it up for how many rounds the slot wants to spin and how many baht bets and when pressing the spin button. So you don’t have to sit around and wait for the scam, because it’s automatic, which is very convenient.

  1. Spin button

This button is a popular button, because without this button, the PG SLOT game would definitely have no meaning because it is a button that you will need to press at the time of playing the game and setting various settings. set Auto Spin or pressing the Turbo button will work immediately as well, but if you don’t press Auto Spin, it will spin one at a time, which many people may like 10 free credits. It’s more automatic.

  1. Button + and –

In the section of the + / – buttons, this is a button that allows you to press to bet on how many bets you will use in this bet. You can choose more and less bets from Pressing this button is up to you, as well as playing in each game, there will be a different bet value each time, for example, sometimes 1Slot 369 units may mean 1 baht. Or 1 unit may mean 0.1 baht as well, so you need to study the game information. Well before doing the same thing.

  1. Turbo button

And this Turbo Mode button is a button in PG SLOT that helps you play faster because it is the button that you press and the game will spin faster and stop faster than usual that the game has to. There is a delay because it may turn 1 turn at about 2 or 3 seconds. If we press the Turbo button, you will only take a second spin which saves time and also no wasted time. Buttons in the game. button

This button is visible on the page itself, located in the settings zone, it is a button that allows you to know how many paylines are in the game and also the history of the GAME story and symbols. that the game has to offer, which is worth at how many baht of the bet as well, and also mentions the various pay lines

  1. Various settings buttons

settings buttons Some games are merged into a single cursor, while others have separate cursors, so you can see that there is a volume button, a data check button, and a button that says it belongs to the company. What’s in the game as well and this button, you can choose to set yourself to turn on – off the sound as you like. Log in.

Symbols in the game that you should know PG SLOT

Summarize button

By this button will be a screen that tells when after you finish playing, how much profit you have from playing this time, or will it reach the amount you set? It will also allow you to see that 1 round has been completed. PG SLOT  And how much money did you get? Allowing you to know the total amount that you can get all. Contact us.

All Bet Button

In the Bet section, this button is a button that allows you to know how much of all your past bets have been made in your investments, which allows you to see that in the beginning. Thousands that you set up that round, you have set up a total payout plan how many baht by how many pay lines for playing there are so you can know how much money you spent in total there. myself


Balance by the group of balance PG SLOT this will allow people to see that the total money in your pocket when playing, how many baht and how many baht have been received, which is a total of how many baht is another button that will Helping you to see the balance as well.

And here are all the buttons you need to know before playing. Because if you study the information from us here, then your bonus wins guarantee that you will have more chances for sure.

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