Types of Online Poker & Advantages

Poker is emerging as a great cultural phenomenon that is sweeping all parts of the world. Little by little people are realizing that this game is not a dark world in which only the eccentric rich men, the gangsters and the desperate on duty have a place.

Nothing is further from reality, poker is a mouldable game that adapts to all ambitions and all pockets. Don’t you want to stress over money? Don’t worry; you can always go to rooms with very low limits where the capital is relegated to a very secondary level, since the bets go to ten cents per hand.

This card game is not at all comparable to other activities that are practiced in casinos. Roulette, online slots and bingo, to give three examples, revolve around pure luck, something that poker escapes from. Fortunately, quality is an absolutely essential factor that defines the game at hand, essential to reach high levels.

As if that were not enough, here you do not compete against any bank, but against other players who, like you, want to have a fun time. It is precisely for this reason that those in charge of the room do not care exactly whether you win or lose, since their benefits only come from the registration fees in tournaments and the small commissions that are carried in normal games.

Advantages of Online Poker

Internet poker enjoys great advantages over the face of a lifetime. Here we list some of them:

  • You do not need to move, since you play from the privacy and comfort of home.
  • There are games in which you bet very little or no money, which allows you to train and gain confidence.
  • The action is faster, as no flesh and blood dealer can pick up, shuffle and deal cards with such speed. You also don’t have to tip them so they don’t look at you badly.
  • Games and tournaments are organized 24 hours a day, seven days a week. In addition, there are free entry tournaments where you can win real money.
  • There are many special offers, non-existent in the online casino sites of a lifetime.
  • Many sites provide statistics that help to analyse in depth the course of the games. You can also play with your own notes to help you.
  • It can be played on several tables at the same time, an ideal option for those who do not stand still for a second.

Types of Variants

There are three variants depending on the established betting limits:

Fixed Limit:

The bet in each round is fixed. That is, you can consider making a bet and a raise, but you do not have to think about how much you are going to play. The amount to bet on the pre flop and on the flop is simple, while on the turn and the river it is double. Thus, at a $ 2/4 table you can only put two dollars in the first two rounds and four in the last two. The cap is three; in other words, you cannot make more than three ascents in the same phase.

Pot Limit:

The betting limit is equal to the amount of money in the pot at any given time.

No Limit:

There is no limit on the amount of dollars or chips to bet. What is limited is the maximum and minimum amount with which each player can sit at the table. The caps will be $ 10, $ 25, $ 50, $ 100 and $ 200. Whoever decides to play at these types of tables should prepare well and gain experience.

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