Why is it Hard to Bluff Online?

Have you ever had problems bluffing online? It feels like all the major sites are filled with players who cannot be bluffed. As we all know, bluffing is an essential tool to good poker playing. We can’t rely on our strong hands, along can we? I’m going to offer some reasons why bluffing is hard online and hopefully offer some tips moving forward too.

Too easy to call

To click call online is too easy. Players are either playing on a mobile which can be clicked instantly with fingers or with a mouse on a desktop, likewise easy to do. The instant desire to see our cards can sometimes take over a newbie. It’s just too easy for them isn’t it? Contrast this to live poker where players are more pensive and deliberate in their decisions and you’ll see why people are more stubborn online.

Small bets don’t work
One reason bluffing doesn’t work online the size of the bets. A typical fishy online poker play is happy to play limp poker for cheap. They will then call bets if they are small. To get them off their hand takes decent sized bets. If you are considering a bluff, please ensure the bet is at least 70% of the pot, if not more. If they have shown a tendency to call big bets, you may need to over bet the pot to get them off a medium strength hand.

Pick the right players
Not everyone online is a fishy calling station. If you pay attention, you’ll notice some people are actually very conservative. These are great players to put to the test. They respect raises and big bets more than the typical donkey. Provided you have told a convincing story these players will fold to pressure if they hold a sub-par hand. As long as you are observant, you will find these players at most tables

People are curious
Another reason why it can be hard to bluff online is the human nature in all of us. Curiosity killed the cat and can kill the bankroll. You need to be able to fold to win at poker too. If you always pay off, you will lose the money you win from value betting. People’s curiosity is a bad thing in poker as they want to see what you have. Sometimes it’s ok though cos if you get caught bluffing, they will also call you later when you have a premium hand.


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